Bitposter signs up OOH media owners Showcase Outdoor, Screach and Mall Communications to increase regional reach

Bitposter, the automated platform for trading out of home (OOH) media, today announces partnerships with three new media owners: Showcase Outdoor, Screach and Mall Communications. This brings the number of media owners within its General Marketplace to 45, delivering coverage across 97 per cent of the UK market. 

The inventory held by these three media owners will deliver additional regional breadth to the Bitposter platform; offering buyers access to a significant number of new billboard sites on major arterial roads, and in towns and cities; as well as digital advertising inventory in pubs and shopping centres countrywide.

With these new partnerships, as well as offering additional digital inventory targeted towards important demographic groups, Bitposter is continuing to support traditional print billboards (which still account for over 50% per cent of all inventory sales). Both of which can be purchased within its General Marketplace, which has seen the number of media owners operating within it increase to 45, up from 30 in September 2017.

Matt Knifton, the Founder and Director at Showcase Outdoor, said: “We’re excited to join the Bitposter Marketplace and have access to a wide range of advertisers. As the largest independent outdoor advertising business in the south, we offer a wide portfolio of billboards in the most prominent positions on the roadside and in towns and cities, enabling buyers to interact and engage with over 72 million vehicles and pedestrians a month.”

Dave Potts, Head of Product at Screach, comments: “We’re delighted to be offering access to 32 million pub-goers up and down the country on the Bitposter platform, via the TVs already in these venues. This relationship will broaden our reach to potential buyers, both big national and local businesses.”

James Scott, the Managing Director at Mall Communications, comments: “The Bitposter platform will deliver a fast and efficient way to sell our digital advertising inventory in shopping centres throughout the UK. Advertisers will be able to purchase space and interact with consumers on our market leading MallVision end-to-end digital signage solution built specifically for the shopping centre environment.” 

Craig Mytton, Chief Revenue Officer at Bitposter, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Showcase Outdoor, Screach and Mall Communications onto the Bitposter platform and to be able to provide an additional shop window for their inventory.

“These latest partnerships will help to make the Bitposter Marketplace work for everyone, and deliver increased revenue to media owners who will now have access to a new group of buyers – continuing the Bitposter commitment to help drive new revenue into the OOH market.”

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Ben Powell at Enterprising PR on: or +44(0)7960 737 185

 About Bitposter

Founded in 2013, Bitposter is the leading automated platform for trading out of home (OOH) media.

Built to provide efficiencies and transparency in how OOH media is bought and sold today, Bitposter offers an easy to use cloud based environment where media owners can list both classic print and digital (DOOH) inventory, and buyers can leverage first and third party data to plan, negotiate, option and book activity in real-time.

Ninety-seven per cent of OOH media owners, including: JCDecaux, Exterion, and Primesight, sell their inventory via the Bitposter platform; providing buyers with live availability across more than 400,000 classic and digital screens, across the UK.  

Bitposter won the Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading Award at The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017.

 About Showcase Outdoor

The largest independent outdoor advertising company in the south takes pride in offering the most prominent roadside positions, enabling media buyers to put their clients in touch with their target audience. All of our panels face head on to oncoming traffic and situated on the main arterial roads into and out of towns and cities in the south.

About Mall Communications

Mall Communications’ innovative team has been at the forefront of the digital signage revolution from paper, to slick, relevant real-time digital networks. This step-change positions centre owners for community building through improved customer engagement, meets consumer demand for relevant, accurate information, and delivers tenants’ and advertisers’ need for demonstrable brand presence.

Mall Communications’ approach focuses on customers who are placed at the heart of everything it does. MallVision is designed to build a digital centre community, create additional advertising opportunities for tenants and marketing departments, and facilitate reporting and data capture to drive sales. The system provides a platform for a mix of customer traffic-driving promotional activities, leading to increased sales for tenants. Mall Communications have developed a holistic digital approach bringing together the latest technologies to benefit the business of running a shopping centre.