The open, transparent platform for guaranteed and programmatic trading.

Lead your clients into the future of smarter, data enabled outdoor media.


Guaranteed and programmatic buying for outdoor media in a unified platform workflow solution.



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Value for your customers, defined through data

Leverage your access to data to inject a unique perspective into out of home planning and buying.  


Access through guaranteed and programmatic

Make 98% of all outdoor inventory addressable through the right media mix of guaranteed and programmatic buying, simplified within a unified interface for maximum control.


Transparency at the core, while protecting your commercial continuity 

Reduced intermediary fees made possible through technology, and a commercial model founded on full rate transparency protects your client’s buying power and prepares you for the future.


Take control back, in your own way, and in your own time

Bitposter self service buyer platform gives you the power of data enabled planning without the administrational overhead. Leverage bitposter’s free managed service team to handover the tasks you don’t wish to in-house.  


Bitposter aggregates more inventory, static, digital, guranteed, and programmatic.

Unmatched inventory access Connect to the largest marketplace for OOH and DOOH with over 98% of all UK inventory and nearly 100% of the UK population.
Full 1st party data capabilities Unlock the power of your online performance, retail or audience location data for smarter, integrated cross channel planning. Unlock the power of your online performance, retail or audience location data for smarter, integrated cross channel planning.
Exclusive access Bitposter access to 98% of UK inventory, inclusive of unique inventory opportunties exclusively available to bitposter.
Static inventory automation Access not only digital inventory, but also all static inventory, representing over 350,000 sites across the UK, 85% of all sites.
Advanced planning tools Out of the box planning tools for rapid inventory selection based on audience demographic, retail location, or points of interest.
Free managed service Leverage our planning experts, free of charge, in order to execute some or all of your outdoor media campaign strategies
Programmatic + Guranteed Access the only platform that offers fully integrated programmatic and guranteed order buying within a unified UI.
Full rate transparency Free access to bitposter platforms. All fees are transparent, included in the media price. No hidden fees or non-transparent margins.
Open APIs API suite available for deep integrations into your marketing infrastructure, such as DSPs, Financial tracking, or CRM

Through our partnership with Bitposter we have been able to get an unbiased view of the OOH market across the UK. This has enabled us to offer detailed planning and buying to our clients and deliver campaigns quickly and efficiently. The team have been friendly and helpful, and the service level has been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend Bitposter to any business currently looking to buy OOH in the UK.


Helen Gascoigne Account Director, Media Minds Global


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