Bitposter wins “The Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading” at the Drum Digital Trading Awards on Wednesday

With 12 companies shortlisted and strong competition from Google Ad Exchange, TubeMogul, Sociomantic, Integral Ad Science and Grapeshot, Bitposter was honoured to walk away with the award.

Entry Synopsis:

The story and strategy behind the success of Bitposter

Bitposter began when two OOH industry outsiders Aidan Neill (now the CEO) and Jake Kalliath (now Head of Product), met as MBA classmates at the London Business School.

Aidan was surprised after handling a project for an OOH media owner that trades in OOH were made on whiteboards and not using cloud based trading systems that were revolutionising trading in other industries.

Aidan then turned to Jake and his experience in solving complex customer problems with digital technologies, to investigate how to create an efficient trading platform for the OOH market.

Working closely with the OOH industry and using their trading and technology experience Aidan and Jake were able to bring a new perspective to the status quo, and create a new way for the OOH sector to efficiently and transparently trade media through an automated platform.

Why is Bitposter different and how is it revolutionising the OOH trading process?

  • Bitposter has reduced the barrier to entry for marketers looking at buying OOH media
  • Bitposter automates access to OOH media at scale (95% of UK inventory is available through the platform).
  • Bitposter offers real-time communication and negotiation between buyers and media owners.
  • Bitposter allows media owners and buyers to bring data to improve the targeting of campaigns.
  • DOOH and Print OOH can be efficiently and transparently traded via the Bitposter platfrom.
  • Bitposter is committed to delivering greater transparency and efficiency in the buying and selling of OOH media.
  • Bitposter provides a full application programme interface (API) infrastructure that means its platform is easily interoperable with the technologies used by media owners, buyers and third party providers.
  • OOH is in the DNA of the Bitposter platform. It takes into consideration all aspects of how OOH is bought and sold today.
  • Bitposter is today the pre-eminent automated trading platform for the OOH industry.

In Summary

Bitposter is starting to successfully reinvigorate and change the face of the entire OOH sector with its efficient and transparent online automation / programmatic platform.

The success of its approach, which has created a new OOH marketplace that benefits all parties, can be clearly seen by the rate of adoption of the Bitposter platform. Already, almost the entire OOH media owner market, the majority of media buyers and OOH specialists, and an increasing number of digital agencies and other marketing disciplines are using Bitposter to trade OOH.

The volume and value of trades via its platform is set to increase significantly, particularly as the business plans to grow globally in 2017.