Bitposter signs Metropolis, Verifone & Sherbet to automate OOH moving media

Bitposter now offers the largest marketplace of moving media owners in UK

Bitposter, the automated platform for trading for out of home (OOH) media, today announces partnerships with OOH moving media owners: Metropolis Digital Outdoor ™, Verifone Media and Sherbet Media.

These three OOH moving media owners join Exterion, which currently trades advertising across its Transport for London and UK busses on Bitposter, in a move that will see the platform deliver the largest marketplace of moving media owners in the UK.

It is through these partnerships that media buyers, via the Bitposter platform, will be able to implement hyperlocal OOH campaigns and deliver real-time creative leveraging the functionality offered within the moving media owners’ digital screens, which is of particular interest to digital agencies and new buyers who are starting to participate in OOH advertising.

With these new partnerships Bitposter increases the number of OOH media owners available on its platform to 25. 

Daniel Faughnan CEO & Founder  at Metropolis Digital Outdoor™, comments: “We are delighted to have joined Bitposter’s platform as we scale further our Digital Taxi Top Screen network in the capital. We will be offeringbuyers various unique packages – including Temperature triggeredcreative and Geo Targeted Zone campaigns.”

Jim Cohen, Sales and Marketing Director at Verifone Media, comments: “We’re looking forward to benefitting from the scale the platform affords us, in providing us with access to a wide audience of buyers. On the platform we will sell geo-targetable external digital screens and internal TV screens with audio throughout our London taxi network. Traditional Liveries and Supersides - full and partial taxi wraps – will also be available on the platform.”

Jai Pushkin, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sherbet Media, comments: “Bitposter will provide us with a fast and efficient way to sell our inventory, as well as deliver access to many new potential buyers. Buyers will be able to purchase our wide range of creative taxi ad formats from Liveries, Supersides and Seat Tip Ups, to space on our in-Taxi Entertainment TV screens by time of day and location.”

Craig Mytton, Chief Revenue Officer at Bitposter, said: “We’re very pleased to welcome these three OOH moving media owners to the platform.

“With the majority of OOH moving media owners now trading on Bitposter we are able to deliver the largest marketplace of these specialists in one place. This has significant benefits for the moving media owners on our platform, who together are able to leverage the scale of their combined inventory to attract and gain access to a wider number of buyers. Media buyers will also benefit from access to the huge scale of moving media inventory on our platform, and in being able to deliver highly targeted local campaigns in real-time through this media.”

For further information contact:

Ben Powell at Enterprising PR on: or 07960 737 185

 About Bitposter – The Automated Platform for OOH Media

The Bitposter platform was built to provide efficiencies in how OOH media is bought and sold today. Bitposter offers a cloud based environment where media owners can list their inventory and buyers can plan campaigns using 1st and 3rd party data sources, negotiate, option and book directly with media owners.

About Metropolis Digital Outdoor ™

Metropolis Digital Outdoor ™ (Metropolis) is the Market Leader in Digital Taxi Top Media and specialises in Transit DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) media solutions. Metropolis is the media owner, designer, manufacturer and full service supplier - which makes it both highly versatile and unique.

About Verifone Media

Verifone Media are experts in taxi advertising, combining the broadcast benefits of traditional out-of-home with affordable, cutting edge digital technology on the interior and on top of iconic black cabs. The Verifone media DigitalTop network achieves 3.8 million plays over a 2 week period, and is able to position a brand’s message at the heart of a desirable London audience. Verifone’s interior screens cover a network of 2,000 London taxis, providing passengers with advertising and informative, relevant content. Operating on iconic taxis on both sides of the Atlantic, Verifone Media is also the leading taxi advertising brand in New York City.

About Sherbet Media

Sherbet Media, part of Sherbet London, have 25+ years’ experience in the taxi media industry. Owning and operating our Taxi allows us to pioneer, innovate, evaluate, plan, produce and deliver outstanding 360 media campaigns. Sherbet is proud to be a part of the most respected and trusted taxi industry in the world. Sherbet Media offer credible, accountable taxi advertising throughout the Uk.