Talon’s new platform, Plato, marks milestone in automating OOH

From left to right: Eric Newnham (CEO, Talon Outdoor), Aidan Neill (CEO, Bitposter)

Talon Outdoor is a leading Out of Home media specialist with a focus on delivering innovative and forward-thinking strategic OOH solutions to their clients. Established in 2007 as the UK's only independently owned players, Talon has adapted early to a changing world by partnering with Bitposter.

"PLATO (Platform for Automated Transactions in OOH) is the result of three years' planning and building partnerships and a process that will enable Talon to seize a unique position in the sector to help our agencies and clients be more agile, efficient and ready to embrace change as part of Talon's next phase of development as a more progressive and digitally-savvy business." says James Coply, Managing Partner at Talon.

"Technology companies like Bitposter, who transfer historically cumbersome, labour driven processes into services delivered by technology from 'the cloud' are at the core of a different sort of industrial revolution." Aidan Neill, CEO at Bitposter

To celebrate the beginning of a new, more accurate, more efficient process to booking and reserving billboards across the UK, Bitposter has recently hosted a launch party toasting the team at Talon who have since placed their first automated transactions on Plato.

Eric Newnham, CEO at Talon, and Aidan Neill, CEO at Bitposter, took a moment to comment on the evolution of human-centred technology, the necessity of being open to adapt to those changes and actually feeling excited to be part of that journey at such early stages.

Jake Kalliath, Head of Product at Bitposter, later added "It's been a long and complex journey working alongside some great founding customers to get the platform right, but we are now there. We have built a lot of trust with all our clients and the benefits of automation are becoming clear. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved."

And so is every team member at Bitposter. The journey continues...