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UK out of home inventory.


Why bitposter

Access more sellers 

Through Bitposter's Outdoor Media SSP, gain scaled access to 98% of the UK market's out of home classic and digital inventory, including the growing ‘long-tail’ of innovative outdoor media owners with valuable audiences.


Guaranteed and programmatic

Bitposter integration solution ensures that DSP partners always have access to trading protocols fit for purpose with scalable, addressable inventory.


Transparent fees that are fair

Bitposter operates a transparent, fair SSP fee that gives you greater market access at lower cost.  Maintain full control of your seller relationships and commercial structures, and private marketplace deals. Focus on value through a partnership free of hidden costs or non-transparent margins.


Leverage bitposter's scale and domain expertise to ensure you're at the forefront of out of home's digital transformation

98% market supply The largest access point to classic and digital out of home inventory in the UK.
Programmatic + Guranteed Access the only SSP that offers fully integrated programmatic and guranteed order buying across 98% of UK inventory..
Scaled for the future Leverage Bitposter's scale to be at the forfront of automation and programmatic evolution in the market.

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