Arc for sellers

Find out why more Out of Home buyers and sellers connect through bitposter.


Inventory management

Rich meta data against g classic, digital, and package inventory.


Buyer hub

Instantly connect available buyer channels and set your rules of engagement.


Opportunity conversion

Intuitive tools to accept, reject, or up sell across marketplace opportunities.


Live collaboration

Get closer than ever to prospective buyers through live collaboration tools.



Maximise the visibility and search-ability of inventory.

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Classic and digital

What you see is what you get with live inventory availability and pricing.

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Rich metadata

Format, environment, location, features and more made searchable.

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Tailored packages

Run competing or complementary plans and objectives simultaneously. 


A wide network of buyers at your fingertips.


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Connect instantly

Access new buyer marketplaces in a matter of seconds.

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Maintain control

Marketplace rules keep you in the driver's seat on inventory visibility and pricing.

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Expand freely

Connect new buyers at zero cost via bitposter API for platforms.

Open APIs for platforms


For existing DSP, Trading Desk or platform owners, Bitposter’s APIs for platforms is the single access point to connect out of home media. 


Buyer engagement from speculation to conversion.

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Pipeline management

Realtime visibility and accessibility of opportunities by marketplace, budget, or status.

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Opportunity workflow

Accept, reject, or negotiate inventory requests based on pricing and volume.

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Contextual up selling

Fluid opportunity or deal suggestion direct to prospective buyers.